Running for the Bacon… a serious PR!

Against my coach’s advice, I ended up running the Bacon Hill 5K on Saturday morning.  My cold was still hanging in there, but at the end of the day I just couldn’t give up the opportunity to run this race because 1) my mom was the race director and 2) the course was on the road I grew up on. At the end of the day it was probably a very poor decision, but I was super pumped because I set a serious PR for my 5K time. 

Over the past couple of years I have been focused on grad school and longer distance races so I really didn’t know what to expect.  I knew that I had been getting faster this winter and that my triathlon training has been making me stronger, but this race was the first one since my training has bumped up.  In the past, I had always just worked to run an 8:30 pace since that was what I was accustom to running.  {The last 5K I ran for time was January 2012 in Cazenovia which happened to be my PR at 26:05 (8:26 miles).}  

This race was a bit different since I wanted to use this race as a time trial and thus I decided to just run this one all out to see how I could do with the 5K distance. I felt great for the first mile, about 1.5 miles in, my cold started to resurface and by the end my body was definitely screaming at me.  However, even with this nasty crappy cold, I crossed the finish line at 22:47 (7:20 miles)! Yes!! Over the past year I have officially shaved over a minute off my pace per mile!  Craziness. 

Now I just want to know what my pace would be if I could actually breathe for the entire race…

Due to how poorly I was feeling by the end of the race, I nixed the 7 mile run that I was scheduled to run after the 5K. I had to admit the race probably wasn’t in my best interest and my body really just needed some rest. Hopefully this cold goes away ASAP!

Top L to R: My Bacon Socks, Race Shirt, Race Winnings; Bottom: Headed to the finish line (I’m in the yellow & blue)

After the race, I hit up a local diner with a friend for lunch.  When we found out that breakfast was still being served, we both immediately ordered their “Lumberjack Breakfast” which came with eggs, bacon, hash, toast and buttermilk pancakes.  What we did not anticipate was HOW MUCH of each item would be served… this breakfast came on 2 separate plates just for 1 order.  All I have to say is that it was delicious and I wish I had brought more of an appetite.  I will return here for this meal again, but I think I will plan to fast for 2 or 3 days prior just so I can eat all of the amazing goodness that is served up!

Lumberjack Brunch at the Village Cafe in Greenwich!
After the amazing Brunch – which actually took place around 2pm (I’m wondering if that really qualifies as brunch?), my friend and I decided to head over to Cambridge, NY to check out the bike race that was going on. The Tour of the Battenkill Bike Race is the largest bike race in America with the two day event attracting both amateurs and professionals to take on the course which involves both paved roads as well a dirt sections and even a couple of covered bridges.  A portion of this course is covered in the Fronhofer Tool Triathlon that I participated in 2010, so I can vouch that the course covers some fantastic terrain.  We had a lot of fun checking out the bikes, the expo and enjoying a beverage from a local brewery!  I also have to admit that I may be adding this race to my bucket list for the future…

Enjoying a beverage at the Battenkill Bike Race.

And while my friend and I definitely enjoyed the afternoon, I’m not sure that Roxie had as much fun as we did…  but the event did give her the opportunity to try and boss around a variety of dogs – including a Jack Russell, a Beagle, some dog that looked like a cat, and few German Shepherds. I swear, someday she’s going to try to dominate one of these large dogs and they’re going to finally put her in her place.

Trying to be patient, in between bossing around the other dogs.

After seeing a few of the sprint finishes for the men’s races, it was time to pack up and head back to Syracuse. All the excitement of the day tired me out, and definitely tired out the pup!

Someone is a little tired out after the bike race…

Yesterday, we got our first true taste of Spring in CNY – 70 & Sunny – Whoot!!
In honor of this, I spent some time out at Green Lakes with some running buddies. It was great to have warm weather and to spend some time outside. Unfortunately while we were out wandering in the woods, we were notified of the horror that was taking place in Boston. I still cannot believe this happened, nor can I understand why there are people in this world that feel the need to cause such damage and destruction. It’s sad and disgusting. I know that I already published a short post about this tragedy this morning, but I just want to reinforce and continue to send out prayers for everyone who is affected. It’s scary to think just how life can be forever altered in a moment.

Enjoying the weather at Green Lakes.

Finally, this week is the 10 week mark to the SYR 70.3. I’m trying to get back into the swing of training as I get over this cold. This morning I covered the 7 miler that I missed Saturday. I’m hoping to get sometime in on the bike tonight and to hit my brick session strong tomorrow. In between, I’m going to be focusing on trying to get some extra sleep and fluids in my system to hopefully kick this cough out the door and send it on its way.

10 weeks to go!

I hope you’re all staying healthy this week & make sure to spend a little extra time with those you love. Life is too short to be taken for granted.


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