Chickin Wings and Bacon (Hill).

First, I’ll apologize for the fact that this post is going to be a bit disfunctional.

This week brought on a nasty cold.  I started to come down with it Monday morning and by the time I hit Tuesday evening I knew things were not good.  I always struggle when I get sick while training… do you keep pushing through or do you call it quits and give your body a few rest days?  Well, I pushed through Monday’s evil bike workout and then even with a nasty cough developing decided to hit my running hill workout Tuesday on the treadmill followed by a 2400 yd swim session…. where I was required to use a pull buoy for a mile of it (i.e. I could only use my arms during said mile. Super Fun.)  As you can imagine, the choice to workout was not a great one.  I think I probably should have called for a rest night on the workout, but I made it through.

On Wednesday, I had my actual rest night which had been arranged so that I could partake in Chicken Wang Wednesday with some of my friends!  Luckily I was feeling much better by Wednesday afternoon so I forged ahead and took part in this glorious event. (Maybe not my best decision, since I had been feeling a little under the weather, but it was a delicious one…)

Chickin Wang Wednesday!

So you may be asking yourself, what exactly is Chickin Wang Wednesday?  Well let me tell you about this amazing event… essentially, my friends and I decided to set out across Syracuse to determine which local establishment had the best wings.  A selection committee chose 4 destinations where we would go, order wings, each individual had to sample the wings, then we had to score the wings, the establishment and add in any other comments about the experience on scorecards.

We hit up the Blarney Stone, Change of Pace, Shifty’s and Chadwick’s.  At each stop we ordered a dozen Medium Wings and a dozen BBQ wings.  Sampling and other funtivities occurred with various friends joining us along the way.  Overall, each stop had excellent wings, however a winner was established.  The panel of judges ended up rating Shifty’s as having the best wings, however they did not win for the overall atmosphere since it was packed and pretty noisy due to open mic night.  For atmosphere Chadwick’s won out, but that may or may not have been influenced by the fact that it was the last stop, and had the best bathroom (yes this was part of the rating process).  We had a great evening and there is now much debate on what the next food we can select to sample and rate at area establishments… there was a vote for a Coleslaw Sunday event, buuutttt I’m not sure if that idea will really get too far off the ground – mainly because we can only think of one place that we would actually want to go and eat the Coleslaw.

Thursday ended up being a bust for me and the workout plan since I ended up having a dinner for work, and that I was now recognizing that perhaps my cough that accompanied my cold earlier in the week was just not going away.  Now I’m staring at Friday and debating what to do.  Should I be running the race in my hometown tomorrow (followed by a subsequent 7 mile run), or should I be bagging the running to help get rid of this lingering cough.  I know what I want to do (run!).  I also have a feeling that I should be doing something else (resting…).

I guess I’ll have to make that decision in the morning.  BUT in the meantime, I realized that I never shared the excellent coverage that my mom’s race got in our hometown newspaper… they did a front page story on my mom’s race to help raise money for the Bacon Hill Church and the local food pantry!

My momma’s race – front page!

I am planning to run this race in the morning, unless I completely regress on my health.  Then I may just have to play this a bit smarter and take a few days off from training so I can get back on track properly. I’m so excited for my mom and the church – they are having this race to raise money and thought they might have gotten only about 50 runners, but they have over 250 registered for the 5K and about 50 kids for the kids fun run tomorrow!  Not too bad for our little hometown and a first attempt at the event.

It’s going to be a fun race through my favorite countryside, AND the prizes for the top finishers are going to be delicious… pies, milk, eggs, blueberries, baked goods… yum!  Oh and they’re serving chili and other home-cooked items at the finish.  I can’t wait!  Plus who doesn’t love a race called the “Bacon Hill Bonanza“?! (I may even have to wear my bacon socks tomorrow… regardless if I race or not…)


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