13.1 Miles. No it wasn’t a race, it was for fun (sort of).

Another week in the books & a fun weekend ahead!

And before I get to the 13.1 miles… You have to read about the rest of my workouts and adventures this week. Well, unless you just skip to the end of this post.

To start, Monday I went running with my crazy running group on Monday & did you know that Syracuse has some excellent woods for running in within the city limits? Seriously, check this out…

Oh and we saw this awesome sunset when we came out of our venture in the woods. This is why I love running, you never know what you’re going to see…

This week my coach started to ramp up my training for the next block of training. We kicked off the week with a hill workout. I was pretty pumped for this one, it was challenging but a good workout.

Wednesday brought my first brick workout, and I have to say I did. not. want. to. do. it. Luckily, my friend R agreed to meet me at the gym and do the 3x brick with me. Basically it involved biking for 15 minutes then running a mile for 3 repeats. It made the miles and time pass by pretty quickly and I really enjoyed this workout. I hope that these workouts become part of my regular routine!

Last night involved a 2300 yd swim (1.3 miles) in the Valley Pool. I went for a lap swim hours. There were SO many people in the pool during the actual lap swim hours, which means that I’ll just have to stick to the public open swim hours when nobody swims there!

This morning brought the long run for the week since I have my sisters wedding this weekend. I was set to run the 70.3 run course with my coach and some of my teammates, but with my travel for the wedding I had to switch to a morning run by myself. I must admit that I was dreading trying to cover even the 11 mile distance that my original plan called for on my own – which is why I was SO excited to get a text from a teammate last night asking if I wanted to meet up with her to run the 13.1 mile course! It was fun to a) have someone to run with and b) get to know my teammate better. Running 13+ miles with someone definitely gives you some time to talk! And I’m happy to port that we had a great run, covering the distance in 2 hours, and I’m not even feeling tired or sore (yet).

Now, I’m in the car heading to Saratoga for the weekend for my little sisters wedding!! It’s going to be a fantastic fun filled weekend!

Oh and because I don’t have a picture from my running excursion this morning, I thought I would throw in a picture of the best socks ever… So comfy. Also new socks are the best!!


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