Yogurt, Kicks, & Rollin.

I hope you all had a great week!  I know mine has had it’s ups and downs with some major ups – hello Wrangler… oh and new sneakers (see below) these are my first venture into some more minimalist style sneakers, we’ll see how it goes. 

I had some killer workouts the past few days – my legs and butt are definitely feeling the mix of high intensity shorter workouts from the schedule this week. 

Last night I went to the Blarney Stone to have a Blarney Burger with my friends R & P.   If you’re ever in Syracuse and want an amazing burger, you should go there.  I was so full from my burger and fries when I left, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stay afloat in the pool for my swim workout… I’m happy to report that I didn’t sink – must have been my awesome kick board and fins, but more on that later.   

Aaaannnd to top it off, last night SU Basketball advanced to the Elite 8 in the tourney – good times.   

I know that was a quick recap and I’ve definitely missed a few components of the jam-packed week but I thought I’d just leave you with a couple pictures to recap….

Yes, thanks to my job, I am the crazy lady with a purse full of yogurt.
Pure Connect or Pure Cadence. Decisions decisions.

I chose the Connects – I think I’m a fan.

Rollin’ with some help from my friend.

This weekend has lots in store with a swim session with my coach, a computrainer session, SU Basketball, Easter with a co-worker’s family, and some other adventures planned! I hope you all have some fun this weekend and spend sometime with friends and family!


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