New wheels & workouts!

So if you know me, you know that I have been contemplating changing up my car situation… I’ve owned a Honda civic for the past 5 years which has been a great little car, but during the course of the past couple of years I’ve had the itch to upgrade to something a little more fun.  I hadn’t made the switch because I realize that I didn’t NEED to change cars, but simply WANTED to.  Definitely a frivolous move, but potentially definitely a fun one. Well, I don’t know why (I blame spring fever) but I finally pulled the trigger over the weekend and struck a good deal to trade my civic in for a Jeep Wrangler!! I’ve wanted a Wrangler for a number of years now, and now that desire is a reality.  I can’t wait to see what fun I can get into with this one over the summer…

Isn’t she pretty?  Even with all the funky sunlight in the pic… 

When I got home from work today, it was about 50 degrees out so I grabbed the pup to head for Green Lakes.  Why?  Well a number of reasons really…

1) it was beautiful out, almost like spring was thinking of arriving.
2) I had to drive the Jeep somewhere.  Really, new vehicle, it must be driven.
3) I had to see if Rox approved of the new ride.

Making sure to nose up the new windows.  She digs the new ride.

So my run a Green Lakes was definitely NOT on my training plan for today.  I’m sure my coach is going to love the fact that I added the 3 miler… during my recovery week… I’m definitely the kind of athlete that coaches become frustrated with since I’ll throw in additional workouts that I feel like doing when I feel like doing them.  This is probably also why I typically end up injuring myself from overuse.  Whatever, somedays you just need or want to run.  Rox and I took to the trails at GL and it was definitely a nice relaxing run.  I didn’t worry about my time today and we took it at a slower pace to pick our way through the slushy snow and mud.  I was pretty proud of Rox, she ran the entire distance, which is quite remarkable for her – usually she’s too busy trying to mark every rock, tree, and twig to be bothered to actually run more than a few hundred feet at a clip.  Maybe she’ll turn into a runner dog yet!

Chillin’ Post Run. 

Finally, I realized I didn’t post my workout board for the week in yesterday’s post.  As I mentioned, I’m in a recovery week so the intensity and duration of workouts has been scaled back this week before we start building again for the next 3 weeks.  Also, I’m pretty pumped – on Saturday I’m going to be meeting a few of the other ladies that are being coached by my coach.  We’re all doing a swim clinic on Saturday morning and then a computrainer bike session Saturday afternoon.  It’s going to be fun filled day of swimming, biking and making new friends that are also working towards the 70.3 and other tris this summer!

This week’s motivation.

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