A Sprint Tri!

If you remember (if you’re actually one of the few people reading my posts), I needed to add a shorter distance triathlon to my race schedule before I attempt the 70.3 at the end of June. 
I finally settled and signed up for a local race in mid-June: Tri-Oswego!

I chose this race because I had heard good things within the Tri community about the race, and it was one of the closer located races.  This race will be the weekend prior to the big race, and hopefully will serve to show that I am ready for the 70.3 the following weekend. In the event that the race does not go as planned, then I will have a week to work out any kinks and make sure everything is set and fixed for the approximate 6 hour expedition where I will hopefully successfully complete the Syracuse 70.3 Ironman. 

Transition.  It’s a beautiful sight.  Can’t wait for race season to start!

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