A Crazy Busy Weekend!

Mark this on your calendars, I was able to meet up with a couple friends Friday evening and hit the trails at Green Lakes!! There was a bit of snow and black ice which made things interesting, but we had a lot of fun picking our way along the upper trails, down around Round Lake, then scaling a huge bank to finish up our run.  Plus it was a gorgeous evening with an awesome sunset.  I must admit, I don’t believe there many things better than a good trail run with friends (unless we’re talking about food, then I might have a few things to list).

On Saturday, I headed back east for my lil sister’s wedding shower and bachelorette party – she’s getting married in about 1 month and it was time to celebrate her and her upcoming marriage!  So with this, I packed up the car, bringing along enough pink and glitter to make sure she looked obnoxious when we hit downtown Saratoga on Saturday! 

Probably the only time she’ll willingly wear glitter and pink!

However, something magical happened as I was picking up a few last minute items for the parties on Saturday… I ran into these beauties:

Ragnar Wear!!

Yes, that’s right, the first part of my costume for Ragnar Cape Cod has been secured!  These amazing superhero underwear will be making an appearance all over the Cape from Hull to Provincetown the first week of May… (as will a pretty sweet cape and other superhero gear!)

On Sunday, I met up with my cousin for a long run at 8 am – which our bodies actually thought it was 7 am due to the time change… and my legs were complaining a little from my 75 minute bike session the night before… and not to mention I was running on a minimal 5 hours of sleep thanks to the festivities from the evening before. BUT even with those things going against me, we went out for a run on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning along the countryside of Saratoga county and managed to get 9 miles in at an 8:40 pace!  It’s awesome when you have one of those runs where the weather is just right, you have a friend to catch up with, and the miles just slip away without too much effort.  PLUS we ran one of my favorite routes that involves quite a few hills and beautiful river views.  It was great.  I love running in my hometown. (It’s a close second to running trails at Green Lakes).

After the run, I spent a little more time with my sisters before I headed North to visit my cousins that just had a new baby!  However, before I saw the baby, I got to see one of the most adorable things when I pulled up to the house – the G-Man was helping his Dad with wood!  Isn’t this one of the cutest things you have seen in a while?  I mean, where do you find a wheelbarrow this size?!

The G-Man and his Wheelbarrow (Rox doesn’t know what to think.)

Then I headed inside and met Noah!  He’s so tiny!! (But I guess that is expected at 3 weeks of age.)

Baby Noah!

After the awesome weekend where I got to catch up with all my family at the shower and my subsequent visits, I now have returned back to good ol’ Central New York for a fun filled week of Jury Duty.  While I have not yet been selected, I have not been dismissed.  Yesterday was a long day of selection and I get to return for day number two this morning.  Needless to say, I’m not overly excited about the fact that I am reporting to the courthouse instead of work this week, however it is interesting to see the justice system at work and how the jury is selected.

This week marks another intensive week of triathlon training.  I’m looking forward to pushing myself further this week and another 9 miles on Sunday!  It’s a little bit sickening when I am most excited about my long runs.  I often wonder how I have started to morph into this person that can not only complete a 9 mile run but actually enjoys and looks forward to it.  It’s a little strange to think about how much I used to dread running a mile for field hockey in high school, and now if I don’t get to 4 miles in a run I feel like I haven’t had a good workout.  It’s a little sick, I must admit! 🙂

This week’s training board.

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