A mystery… and brinner!

Yesterday I received a call that there was going to be a delivery made to my house, but that I had to be there when it arrived.  Turns out that someone sent me flowers! I say someone because there was no name on the card… and nobody is stepping forward to claim them… so I guess for now, I’ll just enjoy them!!

(But seriously, there are some major bonus points for whoever sent them, they are beautiful & I love lilies!)

Don’t they look great?!

After the flower mystery last night, I decided that it seemed like an excellent evening for Brinner!  I had to head to the pool for my workout, and knew that pumpkin waffles with banana would hit the spot before I swam my endless laps…

Brinner.  Amazing.

And finally, I just have to throw in another Roxie v. bike trainer picture from earlier this week.  I think she hates the trainer just as much as I do.  The minute I jump on my bike, she takes up her position nearby and starts to whine.  Not sure if she hates the noise and the fact that it takes up a lot of space in the living room, or if she just thinks that I should be playing fetch with her instead of riding my bike. 

Hi Mom… please play with me.

Well, the weekend is upon us, I’ll be heading east for my sister’s bridal shower & bachelorette party on Saturday.  It’s going to be great to catch up with the family, my travel schedule has kept me from visiting everyone lately & I really haven’t seen anyone since Christmas!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend full of fun!

Also, if you have not had Brinner in a while, I think you should pursue it.  Breakfast food really is amazing.


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