2 Seconds of Fame.

Literally.  2 seconds.  Ragnar posted their official promotion video for the Adirondacks race and as it turns out, myself and 2 of my ADK Ragnar teammates made the final cut of the video! Just check out the awesome pirates at 1:06 – and there we are!  Along with my cousin Don looking super sketchy in the background…  
Yes, our 2 seconds of fame proves that it does pay off to pester the videographer.  (Even if your 10 minute conversation is condensed down to a few seconds.)  
I have to admit, seeing this video has gotten me pumped up again for the next Ragnar relay – we’re only 2 months away from Ragnar Cape Cod!   T-Shirts have been ordered, the start time requested, vans obtained, house rented, now to just get all 12 of us to the start line uninjured, trained up, and ready to run, eat, sleep?, repeat!


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