Hump Day List of Goodness.

A couple weeks ago I shared a list of happy things for my Friday, well now that I’m back from my long skiing weekend & trying to get through my Wednesday, I thought I’d do a mid-week hump day list!

1) Training with direction.

My weekly schedule from my coach definitely challenges me, and I’m loving the fact that I don’t have to second guess if I’m training properly. I also love the variety of workouts. It’s a little crazy, but somehow this makes the long treadmill and bike trainer workouts go by much faster!

2) Swedish Fish Jellybeans.

One of my biggest weaknesses is Swedish Fish (or really any gummy type candy) and while I typically don’t search out jelly beans, I always enjoy having a few around Easter… it just seems like the thing to do. Therefore this find yesterday was a pretty awesome snag.

3) Happy Songs.

I challenge you to listen to this song and not feel happy afterwards. I’m totally going to overplay and kill this one within a few days, but oh well. Life has been good lately, and this song will likely be my theme song for the remainder of the week. 🙂

What’s getting you through this week?
I hope you find some happy things to get you through your Wednesday!


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