My first Du!

The race calendar is starting to fill up. I’m adding a duathlon and a triathlon before the big event on June 23rd! I registered for the Du this week, I’ve never done one before, and this looks like a fun event.  Also, it’ll give me a chance to race the new wheels and see how she does.  It’s the Fly by Night Du at Watkins Glen and it’s held on the race track in the evening after the car races finish for the day.  Should be a great race!

Now I just need to figure out a shorter distance tri to enter before the 70.3 on June 23rd.  I have two options right now: Keuka Lake Tri (I could race the sprint or olympic) on June 2nd, or the Tri-Oswego Sprint on June 15th.  If I pick the later, I’m stuck to the sprint since it will be the week prior to the 70.3.  If I do the former, I have my pick of sprint or olympic. 

I’d rather do the Oswego race since it’s a shorter drive, however if I race the weekend before and I have a crappy race I’ll completely psyche myself out for the 70.3. On the flip side if I have a fantastic race, I’ll be all the more ready for the following weekend.  Decisions, decisions…

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Reccomendations?

Anyone know of some alternative triathlons in late May or early June in Upstate NY?


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