Wanted: Travel Entertainment.

What keeps you entertained while you travel?

For the past two years, I always had a textbook to read, lectures to listen to, or papers to write for school when I had flights and travel for work.

Now that I am happily beyond my grad work, I have been excited to start back in on a few books that I had wanted to read. However, I am now finding that I am having trouble calculating my entertainment to travel ratio correctly… On my trip to Idaho I brought a new book with me. The biggest problem, I hammered through almost the entire thing on my first flight from Syracuse to Minneapolis – which was only halfway to Boise. Whoops…. Enter the iPad (thank you technology), and a mad search for a book that would be good to read for my second flight.

Now that I have finished 2 books on the trip out to Idaho, I’m on the return trip and need a break from the reading bit (hence the blogging). I think I’ll be working to load up the iPad with some mindless entertainment for my final flight for this week from Chicago to Philly, but I’m already dreading the fact that I have a similar amount scheduled for plane time next week (Kansas City, followed by Salt Lake City).

So I need entertainment suggestions.

People watching only goes so far…. yes I openly admit that I enjoy observing other people to see how they interact with the world.

I’m sure I’ll grab another book (or two, or three) from my stack at home.

But I’m curious if others have any unique suggestions or ideas. Of course I recognize the entertainment suggestions are restricted by the fact that you have to play within the constrains of being crunched between a snoring passenger and the window in the back of a plane – otherwise you may likely risk the possibility of being ejected from the plane. Which would be entertaining in itself, unless you need to fly again in the future…. Which I do.

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