Sunny Sunday, Manic Monday.

It was a crazy weekend, starting with another snow storm Friday and finished out with a sunny (and warmish) Sunday afternoon.  To take advantage of the nice weather – since its a rare occurrence in CNY during February – Rox and I hit up Onondaga Lake Parkway after my 60 minute bike trainer session on Sunday. It was beautiful outside,and Rox enjoyed trying to intimidate every other dog that was walking the parkway…

Onondaga Lake Park

Sunday also gave me an opportunity to hit up Fleet Feet in Syracuse to get a new pair of sneakers for the upcoming season. (love this store, if you have never been fitted for running shoes, go!  They do a great job and are committed to getting everyone a proper fit.)  After getting my new shoes, I also took the opportunity to talk to a few of the employees about the Ragnar Relay Series and left postcards for the upcoming Cape Cod and Adirondack races at the store.  Hopefully myself and a few of the other Ragnar Ambassadors in the CNY area will be doing a Ragnar 101 session at the store later this year.

Sunday marked the end of another training week, I was happy that I only substituted 1 workout from a swim to a run.  Overall it was a great week and I feel pretty good about the start of my training for this season.  This week, I’m already off the schedule but I guess some of that is expected since I’ve got a bunch of work meetings that will be competing for my time. 

Last night instead of my scheduled bike ride, I decided to start breaking in the new shoes and hit up the gym for a progression run on the treadmill.  I made this change mostly due to the fact that I needed a quick and fast workout, was craving a run (warm weather, please return… I’m anxious to get back to trail running at Green Lakes) and the thought of a long ride on my trainer was not overly exciting to me. 

So, even though I was feeling zapped from Monday at the office, I managed to run a 5K in 24 minutes, starting at 6.5 mph and finishing at a pace of 8.5 mph.  Overall pace 7:45 – which is pretty good for me, and made me excited about what I might be able to accomplish this year.  I hope I can get to a faster pace on some of my longer runs this year (without injury).

The new Kicks.

After running, I decided to sport the compression socks last night to help with recovery.  Overall I think it was a good move, my legs are feeling good today and I’m looking forward to a good “spin and swim” session tonight.

Compression Socks Rock!

To finish out the night, Rox and I chilled on the couch for a bit and I had to share a pic of her since she was looking pretty cute with the leftover Chobani on her nose from breakfast this morning, guess I missed that when I was rushing out to door before work! (Rox LOVES cleaning out the Chobani cups after I have my breakfast.) 

Now I realize this post was not overly exciting, but I certainly enjoyed my weekend and the start of my training week.  Hope you all have a good week!


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