Dream a little bigger…

Last year, I renamed this blog and set my goals based on “Running Down Dreams”.  This theme gave me the space to diversify my goals and keep this blog open to both my adventures with running & triathlon as well as my adventures of everyday life.  While my blog posts may have dropped off during the year as I was busy living life and finishing school, I still have many great memories and was able to maintain my simple photo blog (no writing required).

Last night, I started to sit down and sketch out goals for this year.  I was trying to come up with a theme for my goals, and was starting to dance around something that dealt with luck & the number 13… however I realized that once you write down a goal, it no longer is driven by luck.  The goal becomes something you’re working towards.  So, I am venturing away from the luck as a theme – although I am still viewing this year as Lucky ’13 – because I believe that many good things will come to me throughout the year.

I have decided to stick with my theme of chasing dreams for 2013, but I will alter my theme slightly. This year as I set goals for 2013, I have determined that I will use the mantra below: 

I must remind myself to dream bigger. 
We all should dream bigger.
I think a lot more could be accomplished in this world, and the world
 would be a happier place if everyone would dream bigger. 
Don’t let others place limits on what can be achieved. 
We can all do more with what we already have in life.
We all just need to dream a little bigger.  


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