70.3 Planning & Training

“Anybody running beats anybody walking, and anybody walking beats anybody sitting.”
-Tom Bunk

This is a quote that I need to keep remembering as I work to plan and build my training plan for the 70.3 in June. The fact that I am attempting to complete a 70.3 is not something that just anyone does.  Actually, I think you need a crazy bone in order to think it’s a good idea in the first place….

I signed up for this race in early September and then put it on the back burner with the intention of forgetting about it until the new year.  Well, the new year is starting to poke it’s head around the corner and now I’m realizing I need to start getting serious about working out, getting back in shape and getting ready to complete a 70.3 Ironman (eek!).  Now, I realize this is only half of an actual Ironman, however 70.3 miles is still a long freaking way!! Lately I have been questioning my sanity, why I actually wanted to sign up for this race, and how dedicated I will truly be to training and completing this race.  Originally I believed that I would want to throw myself into a routine after grad school ended, however I am finding that I rather like having an unstructured schedule after having my nose to the grindstone for the past 27 months.

The only good thing that I have going for me is the fact that I have trained for triathlon and other running events in the past and I know how to dedicate myself to a goal.  Also, when I did get into a training routine in the past, I found that my life felt very centered and fulfilling.  So with those comments, I am going to keep focusing on the notion that once I get back into a routine that I will start feeling healthier again, more energized, and will become excited about training and completing the race in June!  Now I just need to find a pool to train for the leg of triathlon… the one I both hate and yet love all at once…. swimming….


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