We’ll I acted on my implusive need to race, and signed up for the North Country Tri taking place on Saturday.  I received an email late yesterday afternoon that disclosed the fact that registration closed at 9 pm and there were only 25 spots left, so I jumped on the bandwagon! ….. And then immediately had a panic attack since I have not trained for swimming in the past 2 years – EEEK!  What am I doing!
Luckily, I could fit in a trip to the CNY Tri Clu’s Wednesday Night training series this week – So I headed to Jamesville tonight.  I now have one 400 m swim under my belt.  I completed the swim in 9:21 today – so maybe I’ll finish my  750 m swim Saturday in under 20? Maybe?? 
Oh well, I guess the goal is to go out and have some fun.  I completed my 400 m swim, a 10 mi bike and a 5K run in 1 hr 11 minutes tonight.  Splits were 9 min 21 sec on the swim, 34 min on the bike, and 24 on the run.  Now I just have to add 350 m onto the swim and 2.5 to the bike…. oh and a LOT of hills… so yea, the goal is to have FUN on Saturday. – Wish me luck! 
My bag all packed for Tri club!

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