This weekend I volunteered at the Syracuse 70.3 Ironman.  It was amazing to see the professional triathletes do their thing and rock the hilly course in 3 hrs and 53 minutes.  I mean if you think about it, these guys are swimming 1.2 miles in 24+/- minutes, biking the 56 miles in 2 hrs 10+/- min and then run a half marathon in 1 hr 15 +/- minutes is kinda crazy.  I couldn’t even hope to run a half marathon in that amount of time… let alone after a swim and a bike!

Also, I had lots of fun drooling over all the fancy bikes that rolled into Jamesville Beach for the race.  Maybe someday I’ll own a tri bike myself.  Someday….

BUT the true fun, and the reason for my post is the age-groupers.  I believe the age-groupers are what make a race real.  The real sweat, blood and tears.  The nerves, the fear, and the accomplishments.  It’s amazing and inspiring to watch age-groupers set out to reach a goal.  For many it’s their first time trying to tackle a 70.3 race (for some the first official triathlon ever attempted!).  Its so much fun to watch the craziness in transition as everyone runs around and tries their best to reach the finish line.  It’s also fun to see the people who are truly there for the fun and joy of the race. All I can say to everyone out there, is that inspiration is a funny thing.  I think the most inspiring moments in life come from those who have not set out to inspire, but inspire simply by the actions that they take without looking for a reward or compensation. 

My takeaway from this event (and others like it)…. You never know the impact your life and actions have on others.  You may be leading and inspiring others in life simply by living your life in a positive manner.  I think this is important for us all to keep in mind, each and everyday. Actions speak louder than words.  Inspiration shines the brightest when it’s unintentional.


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