Sports and Treasures

This week in recap: Sports & Treasures!  I would have to say this week could be viewed as ordinary to some people, but I thought it was fun and interesting since it was filled with LOTS of activities – none of which shine of their own, but I enjoyed every moment!

Softball gear… dug it out of the closet!

On Monday, I was asked to sub for a softball team. I jumped at the chance since I have not had an opportunity to play softball in a couple of years.  First, it was amazing that I was able to find my gear. Second, I came to the realization that my gear is all from high school and is 10-15+ years old at this point! (Holy cow…) then I realized that I am starting to get to that point in life where there are unexpected reminders that you are starting to get older…… 😉  BUT I’ll take the nasty reminder due to the fact that all of his resulted in me randomly joining the team & will now be playing softball this summer! 

Purple Power!! – Kickball Gear!

After Monday’s sporting adventure, kickball was next up for my sporting experiences.  Sadly, we ended up getting a lot of rain, which cancelled the second week of kickball… but the good news is that I now know where my socks, shirt, purple wrap and shorts are for the next time that I play.

Also, I was happy that this gave me a chance to go for a quick run on Tuesday, where I discovered that I am getting ever faster.  For the first time in my running career, I ran a 5K with sub-8 minute miles – I ran an average of a 7:50 pace!  AMAZING! (Ok, I realize this does not make me a speed demon, but it’s fast for me!!) 

Rox Rockin’ out in the new car!

The rest of the work week, I ended up going on some customer visits in New England, which meant Roxie went on her first adventure in the new car! I think she was digging the SUV – Rockstar status for the Rock-dog! 

Upon the end of the New England tour, I swung up to Saratoga County to see the family for the weekend.

On Friday, I went for a run with my cousin JH.  It was a bit funny because a few miles into the run, I was in the middle of telling her of my latest running feat of sub-8 minute miles when her phone announced that we just had completed 2 miles with an average pace of 7:40!  Amazing…  I totally dig this faster version of myself!  However, we were working on a 5 mile run, and I started to pay for our faster pace around mile 3 (along with the huge lunch I had with my customers…).  Even in spite of these issues, somehow we finished the 5.1 mile run with a pace of 8 minutes per mile!

Treasures found!

Saturday morning started out with a call at 8 am from my sister and her husband.  They had passes to the antique fair at the local county fairgrounds, so off we went!  It was really funny, as we were walking around, we ended up seeing a LOT of family members!  It was kind of neat to bump into everyone.  Two of my Aunts, and lots of my cousins along with their adorable kids (MH & Griff-Man /SH & E / RH & T / SH & water bottle baby* / MkH & C-man / SA & L / KH) it was fantastic to see EVERYONE! I was also excited since I found some great treasures at the event.  I picked up a really cool ring made from an old type-writer key, and some old dairy items!

After the antique adventure, my cousin JH called me and asked if I was ready for another run, so I hurried home and geared up!  I thought I was in for another 5-6 mile run, however I was a little surprised when JH said she wanted to go for 8-10 miles, but off we went!  The end result of my guessing for the run course was an 8.5 mile run.  I think it was good that we stuck near the 8 mile mark because I’m not sure how much more I had in me!  But, again I was surprised at the pace we were able to maintain – we finished with 8:50 overall pace.  (Who am I kidding, JH could probably do this at an 8 or better pace, so I was just really surprised that I didn’t slow us to a 9+ pace!)

The rest of my weekend was filled with lots of eating (I’ll never drop weight while training…. can’t stop the snacking!), shopping for a few items for my upcoming trip, a birthday celebration for my youngest sister, and then a 15 mile bike ride today.  I just had to get on my bike since I brought it home, and it was a nice change-up after all the running! And with that, another week has come and gone, and I think I’ve done a good job of seizing every moment of it!

Sunset in Saratoga County

*SH was pushing around an empty stroller… we think she just wanted to fit in 😉


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