A glorious weekend of training.

The Upper Trails at Green Lakes Park
Green Lakes State Park

This weekend brought a return to the type of training that I used to do BEFORE I got the notion that Grad School would be a good idea…. the sunshine returned to CNY after being in hiding for over a week, and my thesis draft was submitted this week so I had the weekend off from school!  Needless to say, these events allowed me to ENJOY myself without worrying about anything this weekend – even if the temps were a little chilly.

I started Saturday morning rolling out of bed around 7:30 and I rolled right into my car to head to Green Lakes State Park(GLSP) for a run.  I wanted to make sure I got a good long run in, so I headed to the lake and the the upper trails for a change of scenery.  I truly love running at GLSP – I believe it’s one of the most beautiful places to run in CNY, and it’s even better in the early AM when the crowds are still at home and in bed! I ran a good 6.2 miles (thanks to my phone’s GPS I know my EXACT mileage), it was so nice to get my long run in by 9:30 so I could tackle my day.

After my run, I headed to Syracuse Bicycle for new tires – when I was giving my bike her facelift on Thursday (see prior post), I noticed that after 3 years and 1,800 miles, small cracks were appearing on the sides of the tire walls, so I had to get a crash course in buying new tires.  Luckily, Syracuse Bike on Erie Blvd has knowledgeable staff that was very helpful in finding the right tires for me… the bike is now sporting Continental Grand Prix 4000s 🙂 They’re supposed to be a good training tire, that is smooth enough to use in racing as well… we’ll see how it goes!

The Adventures of New Bike Tires.

During my tire purchasing adventure, my friend TN texted me to ask if I wanted to meet up for a run at 1pm.  Having nothing big planned for my day,  I decided I could go for another run, and so I went and met up with TN to embark on some more athletic adventures… I figured we might go for about a 3 mile run and I’d be up for that even though I’d already run 6 – and hey I’m going to be running the ADK Ragnar in September, what better way to train then to get a couple runs in within a few hours?!  Little did I know at the time that TN had a 5 mile run in his sights… so we ran… and ended up with 5.5 miles!  Definitely didn’t see myself running over 11 miles – but I was pleasantly surprised that I ran it without problems – I wasn’t even sore when I got up this morning!

Following the second running adventure, I returned home to change out my bike tires! Now if you are like me and have never had to change out your tires, it’s a little bit weird.  As shown in the pic above, the tires come in a package and are folded flat.  Then when you take it out of the package, it feels like hard plastic – not rubber like a normal tire.  I was a bit concerned about how this was all going to turn out, but luckily once I got the tire straightened out and around the rim, it started to act more like a tire 🙂 The good news, is that assembling the tires wasn’t much different than changing out a tube.  The bad news, even though I took the time to get the tires mounted the right way so the tread would roll correctly with the tire, I put the tires on backward and ended up having to take everything apart this morning and redo it! The bright side?  I can probably change a tire in about 1 minute right now – practice makes perfect!

Looking Spiffy! – New Handlebar Tape, New Tires & Freshly Cleaned!
One of my favorite sights – the shadow of my bike on my dashboard!

This morning (post the second tire assembly), I cleaned my bike and then I was dying to get out on the road – so I contacted TN and we met up for a ride.  The plan was to meet at Oneida Shores and then ride the course they use for the Iron Girl which is a flat 18 mile ride. I thought it would be better to stick to a flat course since I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to feel from yesterday’s running.  Happily, I really didn’t feel tired or sore, so we ended up riding 27 miles!

It’s now the end of the weekend, and I’m feeling very happy and satisfied.  This is the type of weekend I have been missing SO much since I started school.  The weekends with no real plans, the weekends where I can just go out to run, bike, swim or whatever else.  The weekends where I can push the limit, and enjoy the feeling of being tired from the energy exerted.  The weekends where my hunger won’t subside… and snacking becomes my downfall!

Now I have to admit, this weekend has me wondering if I can’t get away with signing up for a triathlon this summer…. maybe a sprint, or perhaps an olympic distance….?  As always, stay tuned.  😉

Oneida Shores


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