On my bike ride a few weeks ago, I noticed that my grip was starting to come unraveled on my handlebars… it wasn’t completely falling apart (yet) but there were a few gaps appearing.  So, I decided it was time for my bike to receive new grip for the handlebars.  I also determined, if I was going to change things up, I might as well make it a FUN change-up… and so my bike received a facelift! 
By the time I finished last night, I decided she now looks like she’s half-holstein, but I’m down with that!  
Top left: After removal of the old grip…  I must admit I was slightly worried that the new one would be hard to apply… Middle Left: The new grip, pre-application.  Bottom Left: Half way done! Right: This gives my girl a whole new personality!

So do you dig the enhanced personality of my ride?
AND more importantly, any guesses on how long the white will actually remain white??  🙂

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