Final page and word count…

Today was D-Day (aka Draft submission day) for my capstone/thesis paper for my MS in Agriculture Econ. After months of research and weeks of typing, it all came down to a midnight deadline on April 23rd.

I thought I would be working on this right up to the final moments as the deadline ticked down, however I happily was able to submit this with a whole 3 hours to spare!

I am still amazed that I have assembled 60 pages on my topic, I never thought I would have a paper this long.  I am also concerned because I have realized that to do my topic justice, I would likely need about 60 more pages and many months of additional research and number crunching… oh well, I guess I just have to roll with what I have, point out the holes in my analysis and cross my fingers that they find this to be an acceptable result so that I can earn my degree and GRADUATE from my first degree!! 🙂

As an aside, I had a small panic attack when I tried to submit my paper and was given the result below.  However, it made me think that perhaps I have indeed completed enough work!

(Not something you want to see when you hit submit…)


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