What I SHOULD be doing & what I WANT to be doing.

So it’s crunch time, and yet I still don’t want to be writing this capstone/thesis project for school… In spite of the fact that I am now down to the final 24 hours before the deadline, and I will have to work for 9 of those hours and manage to catch a few hours of sleep, I’m having a hard time finding the motivation to just finish the draft and be done with it.

On the other hand, I am finding that I have TONS of motivation to tackle the task of organizing my Ragnar team… I’ve been researching and reading through all the materials this weekend, analyzing the run course and working in getting all the team details in line. I love this stuff, the organization and assembly of a team, pumping people up for the challenge and motivating people to stretch beyond what they believe is possible.  I find this sort of thing to be a ton of fun.  I love the idea of the team festivities and experiences that await us, of the moments where you finish running and think “hell yeah, I just did that!”, of the sense of accomplishment after you meet a challenge. 

I think aside from the fact that you feel so much better after a workout  this is what has really drawn me to running and triathlon. The challenge and the accomplishment.  Along with all the endorphins and fun along the way!

Now, as I have been distracted by this during my paper research and writing, I feel like I have had a bit of an awakening.  That maybe I’ve missed my calling in life, and maybe it’s time to alter my direction.  Although, if training, racing and the associated planning became my work, maybe it wouldn’t be so much fun anymore… or maybe not.  After all, motivation and empowerment are amazing experiences and I’m not sure those emotions could ever truly lose their fun.  🙂

Top: What I should be doing.  Bottom: What I want to be doing…


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