Driving, driving & more driving…

So, this week and the week ahead are “driving weeks” for me.  I seem to always have a day out of the office each week but these weeks are taking things to the extreme… Last week I managed to almost span our entire Northeast Territory with a trip to Northern VT & across the boarder Monday/Tuesday then back to WNY and PA on Thursday.  I managed to fit in 1,200+ miles in 3.5 days. Lots of time for thinking that unfortunately I could have done without since I really need to be pouring myself into my capstone project so that I will be able to GRADUATE! 
In spite of the fact that I had so much time to think and ponder this week, I think the week is better expressed by a few pictures…(also I feel like the week wasn’t overly exciting, so photos help bring it to life more so than my full-on ramblings of the week…)
When I got home last weekend I had to check out the progress on the solar panel project at the farm… it’s neat to see the panels going in, and I can’t wait to see how this works out for the farm! 
The solar panels being installed at the farm.

Last Saturday I spent some quality time with my cousin JH and her family again – this also led to a 7 mile run around her neighborhood.  I love the mileage I have been able to start stacking up, I hope I can continue to maintain this during these last few weeks of my Purdue studies!

My little cousin having fun taking pictures!
 Loved spending a little quality time with JH
and the girls again last weekend!

                                                                                          On Sunday I went to church then after church my mother and I dove into making peanut butter eggs for Easter!  I LOVE chocolate peanut butter eggs – they are truly one of my weaknesses (actually I lose all self-control around anything with chocolate and peanut butter).                         

After church my mom & I made peanut butter eggs.
Following the peanut butter egg making extravaganza, I was able to get a 5 mile run in and then I headed North to visit with MB and her family.  It was nice to just relax and watch a movie, and of course hang with the G-man! He is SO adorable and growing so fast!  

On Monday morning, I had the luxury of working from home before I headed to NVT… as I was working, I glanced over and noticed Miss Rox all curled up, I know I am biased but I thought this was adorable & it made me wish that I could work next to her everyday!  Maybe someday… 

Miss Rox catching a mid-morning snooze.

After another 5 mile run at lunch time, I started my treks in the car… with the work car being broken down, and my new one not in yet, it means some serious road-trip and bonding time for me & Cici (my civic).  She truly has never received the love she deserves as she often sits in my garage…

My office last week.  – The essentials: Coffee, iPod, Purse (& Phone).
Monday afternoon: Along Route 22A in Northern VT.
Thursday afternoon: Headed to PA
“Just look for the Mail Truck…” ~ FOUND IT!! 🙂

After all the travels during the week, I was SO happy to be stationary on Friday.  After work I actually spent time relaxing with the Rox and then we cleaned up the yard and mowed for the first time this year (eek!).  I still can’t believe what a mild winter we had and how quickly spring has come.

Today was filled with attempts to work on my capstone project and then an adventure to Hamilton for a bike ride! I met up with TN while he was on his layover on the U.S. Mail Route.  My directions were to drive to town and to “just look for the mail truck” – luckily I had no problem finding it!  TN and I then headed over to the local high school to meet up with his cousin who also joined in on the ride.  The three of us headed out and faced the gusting winds as we rode through the town and up and down the rolling countryside. As we wrapped up our ride, we stopped as we rode through the Colgate campus and watched a bit of Rugby.  It was awesome to see a game again, I haven’t watched rugby since I was in NZ.  It really is a neat game and fun to watch!!

I guess I’ll stop here, this is the spark notes version of the week… but I’m feeling like this post is boring enough already without additional details of my guitar practicing, work meetings and additional school work!


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