Homework, Road trips & Guitar…

First: The Guitar.  (Simply because it has been the fun thing this week)  The one thing I remember most about my previous experience in learning guitar was how much my fingertips hurt after playing… and it certainly hasn’t been any different during this round of learning!  However, what has been different is that I have actually already memorized a bunch of chords and I am having success in playing them.  I also have figured out how to tune my guitar and I am able to do it in a relatively short time when I start!  (This may sound dumb if you’ve never played, but it really is quite tricky when you first begin.)  I am having fun learning all the in’s and out’s of playing – and I am finding it much easier to learn this time.  I think I’m going to attribute it to the fact that my guitar is so pretty! 

Practice, Study, Practice…

Rox, trying to distract me from 
writing my capstone paper..

As for the rest of my week, (here comes the homework and road trip part) even though I was jumping from one meeting to another, I feel like it just dragged on and on, and sadly I think this will be the reality of my life for the next month until I complete my capstone project.  I simply hate having a large project hanging over my head, but I never can seem to find the motivation to get working on it until I am staring the deadline down in the eye.

Road Trip (to the office)…

The other tricky thing that is going to weigh in during these next few weeks is the fact that it’s meeting time for the co-ops.  It seems like everyone schedules their meetings in March and April before the farms have to get out in the fields for planting.  Last week I was in KC, this week was a trip to my favorite yogurt maker and then a trip to Philly, next week is NVT and Canada followed by WNY and NPA later in the week, and the following week I’m back to New England!  I can see the wave of stress coming my way, but I can’t seem to find the motivation to be proactive to alleviate some of it ahead of time…

Oh, well – I’ve always worked best under pressure, but in the meantime, I am trying to force myself to at least work on developing a paragraph or section of my paper every night so I can develop some of my thoughts for the final draft!

Soaking up the sun while working on a little homework Wednesday afternoon.

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