Got Chocolate Milk?

Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon some of the new got chocolate milk ads this week!  

Carmelo Anthony

I first stumbled upon the Mirinda Carfrae (Professional Triathlete – advertisement in a magazine (below), and then later in the week saw the Carmelo Anthony (former SU Basketball Star, and NY Knicks Player – advertisement (right).  I just love that the “got milk?” campaign is now targeting chocolate milk and the enormous health benefits to consuming milk after a workout!  I have been refueling with chocolate milk after my runs for years… many people think that milk is not healthy for you or that you would be better off with Gatorade or some other artificially produced beverage, but milk is one of those beverages that packs a powerful punch and helps the body heal after a long workout.

You don’t have to take my word for it but if you have never tried it, I would urge you to consume a glass of chocolate milk after a workout sometime.  Milk is composed of 87.4% water and then the remaining 12.6% consists of protein, lactose, minerals and some level of fat.  The exact percentages of the non-water components will depend on if you buy whole milk, 2%, 1% or fat-free milk.  For example, whole milk will contain 3.5% fat, 3.4% protein, 4.6% lactose and 1.1% minerals and vitamins.   If you are concerned about the fat percentage, then simply purchase a reduced fat or fat-free (skim) milk. While I am able to explain the basic composition of milk due to my experience in the dairy industry, I believe the research behind the benefits of drinking the milk is best left up to the experts.  You can read more about the health benefits here:

Mirinda Carfrae

In the past I have noticed a marked difference when I am drinking milk post-workouts as compared to consuming other “recovery” beverages.  I tend to drop weight and build muscle faster. (Who doesn’t love that?)  Also, I find that I am not as hungry and I crave less snacks when I am drinking milk for recovery!  Just a little food for thought on this Saturday afternoon…


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