What’s more important, the frame or the content?

On one of my flights for work today, I was reading a magazine that I wouldn’t normally bother to purchase or read, but I was feeling the need for a little mindless reading to distract me from the reality of my life… so if I usually avoid this type of reading, why am I admitting to reading it and why am I telling you this?  Well, I was surprised to find an article (or rather the letter from the editor) that grabbed my attention and actually caused me to pause and think.  It was a challenge to women and their relationships with their mates, and how they would be happier if they focused more on the “content” than on the “frame” of the men they date. 

I could have easily overlooked this statement or even written it off, but with my recent experiences, this happened to catch my attention and made me pause to reflect a moment.  This is a simple yet profound concept which I believe that more and more people are missing in life.  As our society continues to become ever more connected and available 24/7/365, and as more people continue to long for more “things” as they search for happiness, I think that it’s true. A lot of people are focused on the frame, they are focused on how things “are supposed to be” rather than embracing what is right in front of them.

Growing up on a farm, I had a very large family that provided me with a lot of love and support throughout the years.  I think that my upbringing helped me to understand the value of relationships and taught me how to respect for those relationships.  It also taught me that you don’t necessarily need to have the newest trends or latest gadgets to truly be happy.  Life should not be about labels or the way things look on the outside, it should be about the content.  I strive to fill my life with people that know the value of relationships and respect that value.  I believe that is the key to happiness in life – finding good people, who treat others with respect, and know the value of their relationships.

After thinking on this a bit, I was happy to conclude that while I do become distracted by a shiny frame every once in a while (I mean, who doesn’t?), at the end of the day I generally focus on the content.  I only wish that more people would focus on the content, and how their actions and words can truly impact others.  If more people in this world spread love and respect, and cherished the relationships they have in their lives, the world would be a happier place.


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