First Ride of the Season

Well, March rolled in like a lion on March 1st, but 10 days later we had lots of sun and spring weather (68 degrees!).  With weather like this and the first day of extended sunlight with the spring ahead in daylight savings time, there was no way I was staying inside all day… so I called up my friend TN who bought a bike last year to see if he would hit the road with me!  Luckily it did not take much convincing to get him out to enjoy the weather with me & we set out for Green Lakes State park to meet up to see where our bikes would take us today.

I have to admit, I was completely unprepared for how nice the weather ACTUALLY was – when I got to the park, I had on spandex pants and a long-sleeved running jacket and I quickly realized that the weather actually was calling more for shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt.  Which somewhat aids in explaining my crazy outfit as shown in the pictures below…   So after a quick change into shorts, a short sleeved shirt, my arm warmers and vest, we were off!

Top Left: The bike is loaded up and ready for adventure! Bottom Left: Me & TN after our ride. Top Right: Top of one of the hills in the park (there were a lot of them!). Middle Right: Overlooking the lake in the park. Bottom Right: My beautiful friend, outside where she belongs!

I thought we would likely bike for about 10-12 miles, enjoy the weather and call it a day.  However, with the weather being SO nice and the fact we were both still feeling strong we extended the bike ride to about 21 miles.  It was a lot of fun, just picking out random roads to turn down and find out where they would take us.  (And a big thank you to TN for putting up with my claim that I knew where we were headed… which I did, until I didn’t!)  I really can’t think of a way that I would have rather spent today.  After our bike ride, TN and I went to dinner & negated all the calories that were burned this afternoon, however I must admit I had forgotten how extremely delicious a simple (or in reality a not so simple…) burger tasted after a long ride! 

Now I’m back home with a little sunburn and feeling a bit tired, but oh so happy to have enjoyed a fantastic day!  Now if only I didn’t have an assignment that needed to be finished for school….

A recap of today’s bike route…

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