Busy weekend, rest today!

Well, I had quite the training weekend.  Busted out 35 miles on the bike Saturday morning with Meghan in N Syracuse and Brewerton, then in the afternoon we went to Sam’s and swam across the “lake” between the condos – about 1 km… good start to get trained up for that 1.5 km swim on August 7th! (Now I just need to keep it up!)  On Sunday I ran 4 miles, and I biked another 17 miles Monday AM.

The heat kicked in today, so I decided to take a day off.  Tomorrow is TRI club… wondering how this will go (if it will go) with all the heat/humidity here in NYS – and yes, for all my friends down South, I know we should stop complaining…. BUT we’re just not used to this type of heat!!!


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