Ahh swimming…

I really love swimming, it’s such a tough workout, but SO rewarding. And it gives me lots of time to just block out everything that’s going on during the rest of my day!!

So, update on the TRI schedule. I got shut out of Green Lakes – stupid YMCA preference, or I would actually categorize as discrimination… allowing YMCA members first dibs on race slots only allowed for 80 non YMCA members to enter. Frustrating.
NOW I am signed up for the North Country TRI June 26th in Hague NY. I’m a little apprehensive about how cold the water is going to be… and I also read a quote from last year’s sprint-distance winner that is was the hardest sprint bike course she’d ever ridden. I’m definitely going to have to go up there and check out the race course ahead of time.
On other related news topics, my knee is still irritated by running and the elliptical. I’m getting slightly worried about how everything is going to pull together here this spring.

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