bitter cold

Yup, the 1 day of 57 degree weather definitely was a fluke, it’s been bitter cold, which really hampers my ambition to get outside and do anything, even if it’s a trip to the gym…

I signed up for the YMCA Green Lakes Tri today, so the race calendar is almost all filled in. I really hope that my knee gets better by the time I actually have to compete in these races.
Yesterday marked 12 weeks out from the Mountain Goat, so I really need to get at it. I’m going to Fleet Feet next Monday to work with the owner to see if I can get a better fit with my sneakers, and I’m hoping to catch up this weekend with my cousin (she’s an athletic trainer) to see if she can recommend any exercises to help me along with my rehab to get me running again.
Well, after my agonizing swim last night, I am now off to do some strength training. I hope all of my XT activities this winter pay off as spring rolls in and I want to get really serious here…

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