New Year, New Races

Obviously I stopped providing updates last fall during my training for the half marathon. I ended up getting injured during training 😦 but I still ran the 13.1! Only to find out, I probably should have just opted out of the race, but oh well… I finished my 13.1 in 1 hr 56 minutes and one hurt foot! After that I had to go to a specialist and discovered that I did not break or fracture anything (whew…) but I did mess up the tendons in my foot, so I was ordered to 3 months of rest to recover. Guess I’m just glad this all happened at the end of the season instead of during the training last summer. According to my orthopedic specialist, I have Fleet Feet to thank for my problems because they had improperly fit me when I purchased sneakers there last time…

So, anyhow – here we are in a new year. Happy 2010! And I was made aware of the fact that almost all of my races that I wanted to run this year have opened for registration! So, here is goes…
2010 Race Schedule
(Of course, this is all pending final clearance from my doctor…)
May 2, 2010 – Mountain Goat Run (10 mile)
June 19, 2010 – Green Lakes Tri (sprint)
July 11, 2010 – Boilermaker (15K)
August 7, 2010 – Fronhofer Tri (olympic)
Sadly, there will be no attempt at the 70.3 in Syracuse this year… looks like wedding bells are going to ring on that same day. Guess that will just be in the cards for another year.

Only a couple more weeks of the relaxed gym schedule, then it’ll be time to get crackin!

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