Well I went to the CNY Tri club tonight for their Mini-Tri series.

I swam the 400 in a really slow time (8+ minutes), yet I must have been in a less aggressive flight of swimmers because no one was passing me… the water was really murky and lots of weeds. I did not realize how good we had it for the Iron Girl race in Oneida Lake.
When I got on my bike tonight, I finally discovered the reason why many triathletes wear arm &/or leg warmers in some of these races. Without the sun there, I was wet and FREEZING on my bike! I also was feeling pretty tired, I think I should have probably rested last night instead of swimming the 900 m in the pool. I managed to do the bike at a 17.1 mph pace – which was pretty good considering my tired legs, and the fact that this course had several long climbs throughout the 10 miles.
For the run, I was hoping that I could follow someone. Unfortunately, there was no one starting the run when I was starting. One person told me I just needed to follow the orange cones out on the course, and the yellow ones back. Well I followed the orange and it took you to a wooded trail, however there were no cones once on the trail, I kept running and running then I somehow got a bit lost, and ended up cutting through the woods. I came out of the woods and started running back to see if I could find any sign of a cone, and I found the yellow cones. I kept running and returned to the home base, however I was a bit disappointed because what was supposed to be a 5k run really ended up being more of a 1 miles run for me because I was only running for 10 minutes. Ahh oh well I guess, I will have to try and figure that out next Wednesday… I’ll chalk it up to the trials and tribulations of being a newbie.
All in all, I was going at it for an hour, not too bad for a Wednesday evening workout. The only bad thing was the massive cramping I was having in my calves. It started on my run up from the beach, and I kept getting twinges in my legs during the bike. The start of my run was almost unbearable with the cramps, but by the time I was lost in the woods, I was actually starting to fell somewhat ok… I wonder what was causing it. I am really glad I never had this happen prior to my Tri (or during), I don’t think I would enjoy this sport so much if I had to experience the cramping and the cold on my bike. Guess next week I should eat a banana during the day, and wear a shirt on my bike ride…

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