The week after…

Well, time to change the name of my blog… I think I qualify as a full blown athlete, now that I have finished my tri and all I can think about is continuing to run, bike, and yes, even swim… since I can’t come up with anything else at the moment (and about 15 other people have named their blog “gotta tri”) I’ve temporarily named this “you never know until you tri…” since that’s kinda how I am viewing the world lately anyhow.

This week has been all focused on running. Mainly due to the fact that I can just lace up my sneakers and head out my front door. No trip to the gym or travel out to the edge of the city to get my exercise… I ran for 20 minutes Monday night – I know probably wasn’t the best idea from a recovery standpoint to do that the day after the triathlon, but I felt good and took it easy.
Wednesday I ran in the rain for 1/2 hour. It felt good to be outside and blow off some steam from stress of work. I also joined the CNY TRI Club. I know I’ve missed most of the benefit of joining the club this late in the season, but I figured if I just waited until next season, I might not join. Hopefully I can partake in the final 3 mini-triathlons they are hosting at Jamesville Beach.
By Friday, I had quite enough of work, and I ended up running again. This time I had the goal of 40 minutes, I got back to my house after about 45 minutes and I still felt good. Then I wondered if I could make it 5 minutes longer, so I turned and went west on Caleb which heads through the back of the school then down hill, only to go up one of the steepest hills in Eastwood (smart move…or not.) needless to say, my body was screaming – “What are you doing to me….?!” but I kept going (barely) and made it to 53 minutes before looking at my watch, and by that point I figured what the heck, I bet I can go another 7 minutes…. so I continued on, running around the blocks near my house (if there was a map of my travels, it would probably be pretty funny, I ran some of the same roads 2 or 3 times). In the end, I ran a full 60 minutes – without stopping to walk/rest!
Guess this training for the triathlon bit really did get me in shape! Although I must also admit, I have entered the realm of “crazy” in regard to running.  Or at least what I had previously considered to be crazy…
I am trying to figure out what my next conquest is going to be. I keep looking for a tri that will fit in my schedule and that has not been sold out, but no luck. I was then thinking maybe training for a 10k (6.2 miles) but after my run yesterday, I now know that I could do that today if I wanted to. Jeff at work was encouraging me to sign up for a half-marathon…. my initial reaction Friday morning was NO WAY! But I don’t know… maybe I am just crazy enough to attempt one this fall… only time will tell… anyone want to join me? 😉

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