The Proof is in the Pictures…

As promised….. the PHOTO GALLERY!

5:30 am is early….

My Transition area…
Look at all the bikes. ~

The weather was beautiful…
me and my awesome wetsuit!
my toes match my bike! 🙂
AND We’re OFF!!
This is Meghan and Me running up to T1
Heading out of T1 to the Bike
The front biker is me, returning from the bike in 1 hour!!
Starting the run, I think my expression says it all…
I am a triathlete!!!
800m Swim, 30K Bike, 5K Run
~1 hour 43 minutes~
Val came to see my finish! Thank you!
Me with Mom & Dad – Thank you both for all of the support (and pictures) you provided up to and on race day!! I love you both!!!
(although it clear that my dad wanted to get too close to me when I was all sweaty….)

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