Here is the link to the complete Race Results…

My results are as follows:

Amie Thomas
bib number: 454
gender: F
location: Syracuse, NY
overall place: 84 out of 460
division place: 15 out of 66
time: 1:43:24
swim: 13:20
tran1: 1:35
bike: 1:00:53
tran2: 1:01
run: 26:35
penalty: 0:

Yup, so pretty much blew my goal right out of the water…. I thought I would be doing fantastic to finish in 2 hours and I beat that by 17 minutes!!! (which was absolutely fantastic!!) Who knew I could swim or bike so fast… the running, well – I know I could have done better, but what the heck, it wasn’t terrible by any means! Although I am noticing that from the time that I left the event until now, that I somehow was bumped down a placement for overall finishers, wonder why…

I’ll write more later, talking about the event. I’m kinda worn out and I’m having trouble thinking at the current moment… I wonder why…. 😉

Also, my mum and dad were wonderful supporters and they both came to watch the event which means, that mom took a bunch of pictures (about 40) so I’ll be adding some of those later too (but just not all 40)!


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