Race Day Tomorrow!!!

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes today through phone calls, text messages etc!

Can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m pretty psyched although I must admit I did have about a 10 minute period of thought while driving home from the expo where I was wondering what I was thinking by enrolling in this competition.

But at this point, I’m committed to do my best. Now I just need to get a half-way decent night sleep and pray that the weather holds off tomorrow.

When I checked-in my bike today, I covered up everything as best as I could with trash bags. I placed one bag stretched from handlebars to my seat and used a second one to cover the chain. I also practiced my transitions tonight as I repacked my bag. I really think that the transitions are going to be the worst part of tomorrow. I think that my nerves have a potential to get me as I try to hurry and get my gear changed up between events.

I just need to keep telling myself to relax and have fun! (Easier said than done…)


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