Bionic Woman

After much research, lots of dollars spent, and a couple of returns via UPS… I FINALLY have ALL of the gear for my triathlon! – I got my wetsuit today!!!! Finally, the first was exchanged (it was too big) and now finally 3 weeks after my initial order, I have a suit that fits me!! Now, I just need to get out in some open water….

I totally feel like bionic woman when I put it on. The suit is totally black and rubber. Actually maybe it makes me more like cat woman or bat girl. Either way, this thing better help me in my swimming leg of this darn triathlon!

Oh, and I ran for a little over 25 minutes tonight. According to Google Maps, I ran 3.2 miles, so not too bad. 5K. Too bad my knees are acting up again, I was really hoping that I had gotten beyond that pain.

Tomorrow I have to go golfing with some customers for work, I just hope I don’t mess up either of my knees any further. I also hope that I do not golf too poorly since I have not yet gone golfing this year. I’ve been too focused on this triathlon bit, which actually is fine by me, since I have been enjoying the challenge!

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