A bike ride, & a bench…

Today I went biking with Amanda, we rode from her house in Caz to Chittenango Falls and back. The ride over was nice, mostly down hill… which means the ride back was quite the workout! But we mastered the 3 giant inclines and made it back in one piece! The falls were beautiful, nice place to visit. Total ride was about 13.5 miles, not too shabby!
Afterward, we headed down her road to the “Barn Sale” there is this big old red barn that a woman sells antiques and old furniture from, it was pretty neat. She just runs around to various garage sales, estate sales, etc and collects furniture and such. Then about 2 or 3 times a month, she opens her place and tries to re-sell it all. It’s almost like having a personal shopper that scours the area for the better deals from other sales.  While I’m sure there is a mark-up for the service, I really don’t mind since I’ve really saved myself the time of going to the various sales.  Plus, I ended up with a great bench for my front porch – it’s made out of old barn beams sourced from CNY, then some guy from Manlius makes the benches. I’m psyched to finally have solved my bench dilemma while simultaneously adding a piece of CNY to my furniture collection. I enjoy furniture and other items so much more when they have a story to tell…

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