1 month to go…

Friday I went swimming, and I felt like a sack of bricks… for some reason I just felt like I was sinking the entire time and the swim was a real chore. I only swam 500 m.

Yesterday I hit the pool again, and had a bit more luck. Actually I had the entire place to myself which was nice. I guess Saturday afternoons in the Summer is not a popular time for the gym crowd. There was only about half a dozen cars in the parking lot total when I got there… I swam my entire 800 meters. I did one section of 200 meters without stopping, but god do I get tired by the 3 and 4 lap down and back… I’m thinking I will have to just mix up the front crawl with the breast stroke to finish this thing the day of the race… 4 more weeks to go.
By this time on July 26th, I will hopefully be crossing or have already crossed the finish line. The race starts at 7 that morning, and I hope to finish in about 2 hrs 30 minutes or a little less… 20 minutes for the swim, 1:10 for the bike, and 30 minutes for the run. Plus transitions, and the biking may take me longer than the hour and ten after I am exhausted from the swimming excursion of the morning. I’m just praying that we have a quiet morning without a lot of waves etc in the water.

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