A workout and new biking gear

4 mile run tonight. 34 minutes. Pretty good considering I was an idiot and drank milk right before (well 1/2 hr before) I went running…. yeah my stomach felt great.  Turns out milk is much better AFTER you run.

Also, I’m pretty excited. I got my clipless pedals for my bike tonight. I got speedplay SPD pedals. I also ordered SIDI biking shoes last night online. Can’t for them to get here so I can install everything on the bike and try it out! Hopefully the shoes get here before next weekend so I can enjoy my day off from work on Thursday (yes I am taking a day off from work!!) and I also get Friday off for the holiday weekend. PSYCHED!
I also hope I get my wetsuit back by then… I really want to try and get an open water swim in here soon! There are only 4.5 weeks left of training before the IronGirl!

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