So its been a while…

Since my last post, but no worries, I have been running around (literally). Last Monday I ran about 3.5 miles in my typical 30 minutes. Then I took Tuesday off since I was stuck at our Board Meeting Dinner.  Wednesday I ran 4.3 miles in 37 minutes. Which was good, since I really wanted to try and do a 4 mile run. I’m thinking I might run the Firecracker 4 in Saratoga July 4th… Thursday I was feeling blasé so, I skipped again (I know, NOT good).  Friday I hit the pool. It had been a while. I really need to get focusing on the swimming again.

Saturday I worked on my house. I remodeled (well refreshed anyways…) my side entrance. It looks a TON better. But after my long day of painting etc I did not find the energy to go for a run.
Sunday, after some difficulty with the bike and my rear tire… I ended up driving to Brewerton and rode the race-day course. I’m really surprised that they did not pick a more scenic course to showcase Central NY. They basically have us riding through swamp land and under major electrical power lines. Oh and it’s pretty sweet because they threw in a steel-deck bridge into the mix… so that will be interesting on race day.
Last night (Monday) I played Kickball, then I went to the gym and got back into the pool. I was swimming 150 meters at a shot. I get pretty tired by the time I hit lap 3 but at least I was doing it. Hopefully I can start stringing together sets of 4 laps (200 meters). I need to work on getting that full 800.

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