Just a little bit…


Went swimming last night – I decided to stop focusing on trying to complete consecutive laps and  turned my attention to my technique.  After watching a couple different swimmers in the pool during my previous swim sessions, I decided that I needed to figure out if I could take more strokes between breaths.  I started out taking more strokes and I immediately found that I felt stronger and less tired as I worked my way down the lane.  I was taking a breath on my right, taking 4 strokes then breathing on my right side again.  This worked well for the first lap and a half, then I discovered the need for more breaths as I got my heart pumping.  So I decided to try and take a breath on my left side…. which left me sputtering.  I have never breathed off my left side and I found this to be quite the challenge – I must have looked pretty funny if anyone was watching.  
By the end of the workout, I felt a bit more comfortable taking a breath on my left, but I really have to focus in order to rotate my body far enough out of the water so I can take a full breath. Hopefully this will come easier as I get closer to the race day.  Then the fear really is going to be having all of those people surrounding me and the waves crashing in my face from the open waters.  This is where the wet suit will need to give me a boost and help me out.
The good news about the workout last night was the fact that I found it easier to do more laps consecutively.  I am ever so slowly gaining strength in the water.  I guess I just need to keep it up, no matter how tiring and frustrating it can get… 

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