Group Training

So last night I hit the pool once again.  I can tell the swimming really is going to be my arch-nemesis of this entire experience.  I’m so glad that I still have 2 months before the race day.  I swam the full 800 m which is good, but I had to take a bunch of breaks.  I really need to figure out how to build my endurance.  I also wonder if I am kicking too hard or trying to swim too fast… not sure on that one.

Today I joined the CNY Tri-Club group workout for the Irongirl.  We biked 15 miles and then did a 2 mile run after.  I was pretty happy because I was definitely strong with my biking.  I rode with one of the trainers for a while at the beginning of the ride which was nice because she gave me a few tips on how to make my biking more efficient and it gave me the chance to quiz someone on wet-suits and what the pros and cons are of having sleeves vs no sleeves.  Also, she might help me find a second-hand suit which would be fabulous!!  
After the first 3 miles or so, myself and another woman named Mary actually took off ahead of the group and did our bike ride at a little faster speed than the rest of the group – which it was nice to have someone to ride with.  It also helped that she knew where we were and where we had to go, because I really had no clue….
Another benefit of attending the group session today was the fact that I got to see what other are doing to prepare…  It was reassuring to see all the various bikes that people are using for their training, (and I’m guessing) the race as well.  There is everything from 15-20 year old mountain bikes, right through to a girl who fully outfitted herself with the top-of-the-line gear which included a brand new triathlon bike.  I’m pretty happy with my entry-level road bike.  It does what I need it to do, and I enjoy riding it.  I feel like it gives me a competitive edge without having to spend a large fortune or take out a second mortgage just to pay for it!
 After the bike, I went off on my run.  I ran about 2 miles today (give or take… I’m really not sure) but I ran it in about 18 minutes which wasn’t so bad.  When I got back from my run, the group had returned from their biking and was getting ready for their run.  

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