Weekend Workouts

So over the weekend, I got a couple of workouts in…

Saturday the decision was made to go to Caz to ride bikes before the weather turned sour later in the day. What a workout! We rode 15.5 miles around Caz, up and down (but it felt like mostly up) the hills of Madison County. Also, the wind was awful! Every time I turned a corner, I would think, ok – now the wind will work with me, but no. It seemed that no matter what direction I was heading, the wind was blowing towards me. A couple of times, the wind actually caught me and my bike and started to blow us sideways a bit. It was definitely a challenge to bike around. It took about an hour and 10 or 15 minutes to complete the adventure.

After completing the bike, I felt great. Tired, but great. I just hope it’s not that windy the day of the race. Also, as a side note, later on Saturday, I learned that a couple of tornadoes actually touched down. One in Madison county a bit south of where we were. I guess the wind we experienced on our bike ride was mild compared to what happened during the afternoon!

On Sunday, I hit the pool at the gym around 9am. I learned quickly that the pool is a popular place for people on Sunday mornings. I had to share my lane with a couple other people. One person who was also swimming laps, then a woman doing water aerobics. I think I may try to keep my workouts geared towards the evening on Sundays if I am going to try and get a swim in….

And that was pretty much my weekend as far as workouts go. I would have liked to fit in a run, but I guess I will have to work on adding that to my schedule for this week. I’m a little concerned about fitting in some workouts this week since I am traveling for work, hopefully i can locate a pool or a treadmill at the very least… Good thing this is supposed to be an easy/rest week with fewer workouts already.


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