A night off, sort of.

So last night (Thursday) was my night off from training.  While I did stick to taking this night off, and frankly I think my body really needed it – I did end up attending a “Triathlon 101” seminar at Syracuse Bicycle.  It was a really good seminar, I was able to pick up a hundred little tips to help make race day, and the training up to race day better.  I am really grateful that Syracuse Bicycle is hosting and promoting all of these information sessions.  I’m sure they are making money off of them since everyone seems to go into the store afterwards to purchase gear, but just the same, it’s nice that they provide the sessions free of charge.

I’m more excited than ever to compete in this race.  I also feel renewed to continue my training.  Additionally, after attending the program, I felt reassured that my training program that I have set up through review of other 12 week programs is definitely going to get me ready, as long as I continue to stick to it!

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