Week 1 Training

Tuesday – my workout schedule tells me that I should plan to do a 30 minute bike. Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating, so I do not get to use my new bike today. Instead, I decide to finally check out that spinning class at my gym. I had been meaning to go all winter long, but never seemed to make it there by 5:30. Let me just say, I was not prepared for what I encountered in the class. After 10 minutes, I wasn’t sure I would make it through the next 40 minutes. I had buckets of sweat pouring off of my body (nice image, I know) and my quads were screaming in pain. I really do not know how everyone else in the class was managing to pedal so fast through all of the resistance increases but I did decide, I should probably fit some more of these classes in to really get my body working on the bike.

Wednesday – I ran 20 minutes, exactly what my training schedule called for. It was a good run, slightly easier course than what I had run on Monday, I had to cut out the hill because of a softball game that was going on in the field behind the elementary school yard that I cut across.

Thursday – Ahh, a night off. Well kinda, the bicycle shop in town hosted an iron girl kickoff party that I decided to attend. When I got there, the line of women was snaking out the door. Apparently the shop thought they might have about 20 people show up, but 74 women came to see what triathlons were all about, and the neat thing was almost everyone was a novice deciding to compete in their first ever triathlon. It was really neat because there was a large age range – 20 to 60 years old and it seemed like everyone had the same concerns. How to train, what equipment would be needed etc. I picked up a lot of good tips and advice, plus I won a door prize! It was just a dorky iron girl hot pink backpack, but still neat to win! After the event, I was really feeling good about my decision to enter the race. I feel like I can definitely do this without too many problems.

Friday – 25 minute run – I got home Friday just in time for a major thunderstorm to roll through the area, so it was off the the gym to run. Now, this means that I have to run on the treadmill… shouldn’t be too big of a deal, right? We’ll, maybe for most people, but I seem to be absoultely clumbsy, and for some reason, running on a treadmill is pretty difficult task for me. However, I get on and start my run. I find the dumb timeclock on the treadmill is making the chore of running even more difficult – the first 15 mintues take forever. Finally I realize that I should probably just cover up the clock with my towel. The last 10 minutes were still painful, but atleast I didn’t have the timer right in front of my face. Ran 3 miles, not too bad for just starting up running this week.


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