A Leap of Faith

So, I’m setting up this blog as a way to track my progress from a non-athlete to a tri-athlete. Ok, so maybe I should be a little more honest… I guess I would be classified as more of a semi-athlete. I attempt to run 5k races and other similar short events, but in reality, I never devote the time to obtain great results when I attempt to complete said events.

Translation: usually, I huff and puff, and end up walking a portion of the race.

So some people would ask, why bother to compete? We’ll it’s not that I dislike sports, I actually loved playing field hockey, and softball during my high school years, but as I entered college, I became somewhat lazy. I didn’t have an organized sport to turn to, and I instead ended up spending a lot more time sitting than being active (i think this happens to a bunch of people in college). Long story short – 4 years of college = 40 added pounds of weight.
After college, I began walking a lot and eating better, and I lost all of the weight that I had added. This is when I started to enter into various walk/run 5k races, but really, I have a great dislike for running. I find it to be a chore. However, I do like feeling athletic and I do like feeling good about myself after a run.
So, about a month ago, my good friend who recently moved into the area (who was also a track star in high school AND currently runs 1/2 marathons for fun…. (fun?!)) began asking me to compete in the iron-girl triathlon with her at the end of July. A women’s only event for novice and experienced triathletes alike to complete a 800 meter swim, 30K Bike and a 5K run in under 4 hours. Ok, yes, I just got finished complaining about running 5k races, but seriously check out this challenge. I always loved biking as a child, and I was a decent swimmer growing up, so I started thinking, well maybe this could be fun… maybe…
So then, as I was thinking about this triathlon, I had already been shopping around for a new bike. Something to ride around on the weekends, get some exercise and enjoyment out of. So, last weekend I was shopping for the bike, and after trying out some hybrid/commuter bikes, and thinking that I was going to purchase one of those for my leisurely weekend rides – I asked the folks at Elevate Cycles (they have shops in both Saratoga Springs and Clifton Park, NY) if I could try the Women’s Giant Avail road bike. They let me take it out into the side streets of Saratoga, and I LOVED it! I felt so speedy and quick on the bike, and I knew I wanted to get it. The only problem, it cost about double what I thought I wanted to spend on a bike. So after several (and I mean several) hours of deliberation, I finally ended up buying the bike. 
After the purchase of the bike, and a quick ride around town, I knew I had to justify my purchase by trying to compete in the iron-girl.
Now the trick, forcing myself to actually train for the next 12 weeks so that I don’t (a) injure myself, (b) have to find my name with a “Did not finish” next to it at the end of the race.
After signing up for the race, I have set 2 goals for myself:
1) Finish the race without stopping to walk or rest
2) Complete the race in under 3 hours time.
(as I go along in my training, I am going to determine if this is a realistic goal or if I am being too lenient with my time challenge)

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